Telling of Tales is back!

As an actor, there is a lot of downtime. That kind of stuff can get on your tits if you don’t have anything constructive to do with that time. I don’t want to fill my time with something that’s completely useless to me, however, so this is what I’ve done:

I’ve finally started Telling of Tales back up again!

“What’s Telling of Tales,” some may ask!

Telling of Tales is my weekly audiobook podcast where I read the short fiction I find around the web or that gets submitted to me. Some of the stories are classics, like the recent episode The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. Others are by up-and-coming authors or folk who just enjoy writing and who wrote something that appealed to me in some way.

I’m currently just trying to get the word out, so if you enjoy this sort of thing or know people who might, do check it out. I’m quite proud of some of my most recent recordings and have a really lovely story coming this friday.