Getting To Know The Angels: Steven Moffat’s Biggest Mistake

Let’s be clear on this: The essay I’m about to link to – and consequently the title of it – was written in 2010, almost a full two years ago now. I didn’t know how terrible the subsequent series of Doctor Who were about to get, so “biggest mistake” is outdated in that sense.

The very last thing I did for my Bachelor in Film and Photography with Napier University was to write the following essay detailing exactly why I thought Blink, a Doctor Who episode – written by Steven Moffat – about a group of murderous “statues” called the Weeping Angels, was brilliant and why the two-parter that brought the Angels back with Moffat as showrunner was a huge mind fart.

For the fifth series of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat – now chief writer and executive producer – brought the Weeping Angels back, triumphantly stating in an interview for the behind-the- scenes featurettes of the show; “Let’s be clear; I’m running the show, and those were my monsters, and they were incredibly popular, so I’m bringing them out for a- a lap of honour.”vii is victory lap may have been the single biggest mistake Moffat has made, turning uncanny stone statues that sneakily displace you in time and space into generic
killing machines.

Without further ado, here’s the essay in full.

I’m linking to the PDF rather than just whacking it all in here, because it’s reasonably lengthy. Of course, in retrospect, I see that the mistake was not the Angels sequel but making Moffat showrunner in the first place. I might have a rant about that at some other point, but then again… MEH. After The Angels Take Manhattan, I lost my capacity to care about the show, to be honest.