What’s He On About? 2: Exercise

This time, I get quite upset over the lack of speed and efficiency with which my body responds to my vigorous exercise. Read on for a slightly more serious, in-depth discussion on it.

Now, I’m not new to exercise and fitness, but I haven’t always been interested in it. I’ve been going on and off regular exercise for six years now, and each time I get the motivation again, I’ll keep it for a little bit longer and work at it a little bit harder. I’ve been working out most days of the week since the beginning of march, and it feels like this time, it’ll stick. I’m still excited about it, and I still progress. Not as quickly as I would like to progress (see above video) but there’s progress.

Part of the motivation for me right now is that since I have chosen the path of an actor, it’s good to be fit and healthy as it expands my hire-ability not just from looking better but from being able to do more strenuous jobs. There’s also a vain motivation, of course, in that I would love to bulk and tone up a bit so I can look properly “cut” at least once in my life. I am already in the best shape of my life, which is funny at 30, but there is a high ceiling here, I’m nowhere near being buff or super-fit.

I do a cycle of three different routines at the moment. Usually, I’ll have one day of rest between each cycle, though I actually skipped the rest day this time as I have a lot of filming coming up. I change what I do before the routines, switching between running (usually around 6km), cycling on the exercise bike (30-40 minutes) and jump rope (trying to get to 20 minutes). Then the actual routines are focused on weight lifting and ab exercises. I also do my best to bike or walk everywhere instead of taking the bus. Once I get bored with the cycle I’m currently doing, I’ll device four new routines and start a new cycle.

Fitocracy, which I mention in the video, is one small part of that. It’s basically a fitness tracker that gives you experience points for doing workouts and completing quests (like “Do 100 dips in one exercise” or “Run a mile in under ten minutes”) and then you level up. When you have friends on there, it gets even more fun, as you can compete with each other and give each other props (an actual action you can make which is equivalent to “Like” or “+1” on Facebook or Google respectively) for levelling up and working out. There are also groups to join and such. It’s like adding an online social RPG gaming layer to your fitness regime.

It’s still in beta, so it has some way to go, and I’d love to see them flesh it out with stuff like customisable exercises, pictures for the set exercises and the ability to create your own quests to share with your friends and people in your groups. Would also be awesome if you could get “loot” through doing quests and levelling. Like in Chore Wars, where you sometimes find magical items and other silly things to deck out your “character” with. It just adds an element of fun and could be another way to show off your progress in a visual way.

If you are interested in joining Fitocracy, let me know in the comments (and make sure you leave your e-mail address in it, it won’t be published) and I’ll send everyone invites until I run out of them. Are you working out or doing something else to improve your health and fitness? Or, if you’re not, what’s your take on things? I’d love to hear any opinions you have on the matter. 🙂