Busy Being Born

So! I am back in the ‘Burgh! Much updatery to come in this post!

Not only that, me and wifeyface have now bought and moved into a darned house. We have been lucky enough to come into a situation where we could get a place of our own with a relatively small mortgage. We loved the flat, but the new house is perfect for us. There’s a garden (more for me than wifeyface. She’s very much an unfan of spiders.) and we have space to not just have a guest room, but an exercise room (same as the guest room) and  a library! Yay! More on the house later.

I have had new headshots done. I don’t want to sully my personal website with pictures of me trying to look good, so hop on over to my acting site if you want to see those. I hate self-promotion, and that place is my one place for it. So go there if you want to read about how amazing I’m trying to convince people I am.

If there’s one thing I’ve always been worried about, it’s how lazy I am. I have said as much before. I feel like I never have the drive to achieve the things I want. I would occasionally attempt to work against it by making lists and starting up a million little projects for self-betterment. It would last for about as long as I will normally be obsessed with a new game: Three days to a week.

Now, that might be changing. I’m starting easy. Every day I set up a list of what I want to achieve. Basically a To Do list. It’s mostly things like washing up and looking for work, etc, but I also include playing a computer game and drinking coffee for levity. It’s important to remind myself that it’s fine for me to relax as well, because otherwise I will sit down and not do anything for a bit and feel bad that I’m not doing the things on my list.

At the end of the day, inspired by this TED Talk I write a positive journal entry about things I’m grateful for, nice things that happened during the day, and if there’s something in particular I achieved. Sometimes, that journal entry is one line long, sometimes a “page” (as if such concepts exist in a digital world). The point is to end the day on a high point so I don’t go to bed worrying about all the stuff I should/ could or would have done if I was better/ smarter/ stronger/ cooler/ prettier/ etc. Seems to be working so far. And no, I’m not uploading those journal entries to any public websites. They’re too self-congratulatory and soppy (and personal) for the public’s eyes. I keep them safely locked up at OhLife, an e-mail based diary system. It’s quite cool, check ’em out.

I’m also setting weekly goals. Right now, that is to start work on reviving Telling of Tales and starting up other voice acting projects. In the future, I plan on running parallel goals, like studying one topic an hour a day for a week, learning a new skill, etc. Right now, though, I want to keep it simple. Like in What About Bob, I’m taking baby steps into actually utilising the energy I have in me to get stuff done.

Like Bob Dylan said:
He not busy bein’ born is busy dyin’.