Getting on Track

I feel I’m getting into the swing of things by now as far as videos go. I’ll be breaking double digits tomorrow in my new format, which isn’t amazing but it IS more than I uploaded in the entire YEAR previous to coming back to Youtube. I’m not getting super-views, and I’m stuck with my iSight for the foreseeable future, but I feel confident that if I keep developing and I keep making videos regularly, I’ll get somewhere with this hobby of mine.

More importantly, I’m FINALLY working on my outstanding (as in “not done”) university work. I have two modules I need to finish before I can take my bachelor’s degree and run for the hills. I’ve complicated it slightly for myself by doing three videos a week (which take me three to six hours to make), but again, I feel confident I’ll be able to finish my work by end of September.

That’s pretty much it. I hope you’re enjoying my videos and I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to say “Finished!” by the end of september.

(Well, I’m not crossing my fingers literally, that would be stupid. If anything, it’d slow my work DOWN!)