Video 004: Noodly Beans

NUDE FOOD FRIDAY! (I uploaded it yesterday) Wooh!
This is hardly even cooking, but it’s easy and cheap.

Also, my parents are in town. They’re leaving tomorrow morning. It’s been unexpectedly great to have them here. Don’t get me wrong, I always love seeing my family, but it was especially nice to have them over to watch my play. It’s probably the age-old need for validation from one’s parents coming back to haunt.

The parent-child dynamic doesn’t really ever change. When I’m my dad’s age, I’ll still be his kid, and he’ll still be my dad. I’ll probably still breathlessly be telling him about this new game I’ve been playing and he’ll still be looking at me as if I’m from another planet. We want to impress our parents, and our parents want to understand our world, but at the same time we do not and cannot ever fully understand each other. When my dad grew up, he’d play in the streets because a car would only pass every half hour, if even that. My parents were both grown people when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong put their feet on the moon. They can remember a time when they didn’t have a TV. I can hardly even remember a time I didn’t have a computer. In fact, I can’t. We’ve had a C64 since I was four. My nephew was searching for videos on Youtube at three years old. We can never fully know one another across such chasms of culture, history and technology.

It’s a crazy, weird problem that isn’t really a problem once you think about it. Once we accept that we are different like that and that we will always be each other’s parents and children.

Anyway, so yeah. It was a great feeling that they would come to see my play even if it is just a half-hour children’s play and not even paid work. It’s nice you have the support of the people who brought you into this world, innit?