Why I love the people at the Whitechapel Forum

I read a web-published graphic novel (aka. webcomic) called Freakangels which was written by one Warren Ellis. This site has a forum which is full of smart, creative people. We have an IRC channel as well, where the craziest conversations happen. Here’s a sample of what makes me love chatting with those people.

microclimate: if there’s a thing on the news about an office worker being violently thrown from a window, onto tube tracks, you’ll know i finally lost my rag 🙂
microclimate: (in the w12 area of london)
Steerpike: That is one of the downsides of telecommuting
Steerpike: No defenestration potential
taphead: Awesome word.
Magnulus: Ahhh, defenstration.
Magnulus: Learned that one from Calvin and Hobbes.
microclimate: rarely does one hear of fenestration
microclimate: or indeed refenestration
microclimate: “is this your escaped toddler, lady?” *hurl*
Magnulus: Well, how does one perform a refenstration?
Magnulus: Would that be to climb back in through the window one was thrown through?
microclimate: or to throw someone back through, as you prefer?
ZombieGerryAdams: Magnulus is of course thinking of autorefenestration
taphead: ^_^
taphead: You people fill me with an emotion not entirely unlike love.
microclimate: taphead, are you now whelmed?
ZombieGerryAdams: you’re thinking of lust
taphead: Yes, and yes.