Cold sores aplenty!

Since I was about 16, I’ve developed cold sores about once a year. That pesky Herpes Simplex virus simply loves the cold weather and reduced immunity system of the winter months. It stands to reason that when I developed the third outbreak in six months, I started to get a bit anxious.

To the onlines I went, and I discovered that several sources agreed on stress being a factor in developing sores. None of the other possible causes seemed to fit my situation, so I guess it’s a bad-news-good-news sort of thing: Yay, I don’t have some kind of mutating super-herpes. Boo, this past half a year (and particularly the last few months) has been really, really stressful.

I already knew I was stressed out and overworked, but this gives extra evidence of such a state.
Oh well, two more weeks and I’m done… I hope.