Easy Pasta Casserole

Easy Pasta Casserole 1, originally uploaded by Magnulus.

Many problematic situations feast on my consciousness of late. There is a staggering amount of work to do in much less time than I really need to do it all in. I will no doubt return to let you know the details. In the meantime, I shall let you know what I made for dinner the other day, by way of escaping from stressful modes of thought.

Sometimes I make a casserole in my rice cooker. I took pictures last time. What I put in it depends entirely on what’s in my fridge at the time. This amount gives you about 4 portions, more or less.

This time:
2 cans Chopped Tomatoes
2 cans Tuna (Not essential)
2 carrots
1.5 red onion
1/2 broccoli
1 green pepper
Rest of yellow pepper
1 courgette/ zucchini
some garlic

Easy Pasta Casserole 2Easy Pasta Casserole 3

Cut it all up in nice chunks and slap it into either a kettle or a rice cooker (I’m using a rice cooker, because it’s fun and easy.)

add water to cover the contents.

Add spice and sauce to taste. I had:
Balsamic Vinegar
Soy Sauce
Misc. Savoury herbs
Pinch of cinnamon

Leave it under a lid until pasta starts to soften. Then take off lid to let it dry a bit out near the end of cooking. That’s it. Serve up and enjoy.

Easy Pasta Casserole 4