Hangin’ With a Ladybug

Ladybug Hangin, originally uploaded by Magnulus.

This post’s purpose is two-fold: Testing the blogging-feature of FlickR which lets me directly embed my photos into my blog is the first purpose.

The second is simply to let you know that I’m dealing with studies right now and I seem to have passed at least the first hump of wanting to destroy myself and everything around me. If all goes well, I’ll be able to start writing my essay tomorrow, and all will be well. There have been a lot of setbacks and long days along the road, but I will let you know about all that stuff a little later, and probably one thing at a time…

Today, I placed myself in the park outside my flat to do some reading. I got a visit from this little ladybug which hung out on a blade of grass next to me for about half an hour before scurrying off to new adventures.

A lot of the time, the photographs I take have no other purpose than beauty. Some would call that vapid and superficial. I call it necessary.

I greatly appreciate “art with a point”, but I don’t necessarily feel I need to be a purveyor of it. There are many people with vastly greater talents than mine who do that already. The best I can do is try to find beauty in the world that would otherwise have been missed by others and share them.