My Plight For Sugru

I just made a rewrite of If I Were A Rich Man that I’m calling If I Had Some Sugru. It has no music in it, but that might change tomorrow, if Taphead manages to make me something awesome. (It’s not his talent I’m questioning here, it’s his resolve in the face of my most likely incredibly off-key singing.

Sugru is a silicon-based material that works a bit like clay in that you mold it around whatever you want to fix or improve, then you leave it to dry for 24 hours. The difference is that the dried piece is “rigidly flexible” like silicon things usually are and it also very strongly binds to whatever you’re fastening it to, so it works like a permanent, stronger kind of Blu-Tack. The stuff is amazing, and the people behind it are in the process of scaling their production up to be able to accomodate a market many, many times bigger than they expected to have. Check out their site for more info.

The reason I made the song was because they asked people who REALLY wanted some sugru right now to send them an e-mail with some pictures and text about why they should have Sugru. I quoted If I Were A Rich Man in mine and then I couldn’t quite stop myself…