Day off

Saturday today, day off! Woop woop!

I went to Tae Kwon Do today, looking forward to sweating it up and kicking the shit out of those cushions. Sadly, the instructor couldn’t come and it was cancelled. Oh well. I did manage to get some cardboard boxes and paint for the track/dolly project, though.

Also, while waiting for Andy, who was to get me the cardboard stuff, I chanced upon a Swedish exchange student at the cafe. We ended up having a fairly long conversation about all kinds of things, and I hope to meet him again. Great guy. Also, I could actually speak Norwegian to him, which is rare. Usually, I have to speak in English to Swedes as they don’t understand us. We understand them just fine, so I don’t quite get why so many of them can’t return that sign of respect. We’re not just neighbouring countries, our languages are virtually the same, except for a few words here and there. So anyway, Henrik DID understand me, so that was fine.

Made pizza today. T’was good. Instead of tomato puree with greens (and meat) on layer by layer, I made a full-on pizza topping with everything mixed in that I let simmer while the dough rose. I made the topping basically like I would a tomato sauce for pasta: Oil in kettle. Heat it up. Garlic. Simmer quickly. Onion, mushroom, ++ veg. Crushed tomato from a can. seasoning. Simmer for a long time. I seasoned it a bit differently than I would a pasta sauce, but the gist is the same.

Marit made a roly poly cake (probably not the right name, but you get the idea) and it was DELICIOUS. Mmmmmm.