WoWing it up.

Not a VERY fruitful day.

I played World of Warcraft (not on my netbook) and exercised. I was going to read one of my books on screenwriting, but kind of never got to it. I also forgot to go to my counselling session, which annoys the fuck out of me.

For a while, I’ve wanted a Macbook Pro. Since I bought my netbook, however, I don’t feel that same need. I would actually rather have a new iMac when the time comes to upgrade. That means I’ll get generally higher specifications on the hardware, I won’t have to buy an external screen for video editing (And the iMac’s screen is huge at 27″), and I’ll pay less even if I get the best of all the iMacs. Bonus: By the time I can afford to buy one (best case scenario: 8-9 months) they might come with USB 3.0 (You know the USB you have? 3.0 is coming, and it’s going to be hella faster.) and Blu-Ray (I hate backing up to DVDs. Can hardly fit anything on one DVD) and possibly even 8 gigs of RAM as standard. Who knows? I certainly don’t. But I can dream!

Me and some friends from the Whitechapel community are considering the prospects of real-sex pornography sites. Don’t know if we’ll be seriously discussing creating a site ourselves or what, but it’s certainly an interesting prospect. Pornography is usually such a taudry affair, particularly if you take into account how abusive and unfeeling the porn industry is. Something like Beautiful Agony, only with professional photographers and full-on, real sex between real couples could help to give that industry a boot up its arse and to make people realise that there doesn’t have to be a dirty feeling attached to pornography. For a good write-up on it (with a NOT-Safe-For-Work picture) click here.