Applying myself

I was up early today. We had to measure up a “studio” (they call it a studio, but it’s more a teaching room with loads of sockets.) for an assessment two weeks from now. To get out of there before classes (for other people) were due to start, we had to be there at nine. I was there at nine. Dave and Edgar weren’t. That’s all right, though, I managed to get out the tracks we were measuring and stuff while I waited. It’s incredibly tempting to make this shoot very complicated, but we should probably be pretty careful not to overload ourselves with ideas. We’ll have some blocking and rehearsals to do on monday, so that’s all right.

After this, I borrowed like six books on scriptwriting from the library at uni. One of my major problems in previous years has been that I haven’t done much self-directed study, so I’m trying to fix that now. I’ve also pretty much decided not to direct my own film but rather have my semester be assessed on the script I’m writing and sound design for one of the other groups. I did promise myself I’d get in on some craft roles, so it’s time to make good on that.

I was going to go scouting for locations today, but since I’m not DIRECTING, I didn’t have to! Instead, I spent some time not getting Giants: Citizen Kabuto to work, which was pretty shitty, and I also applied to a couple of jobs! One, I didn’t get because they were looking for someone who could work more, and one I don’t know. The former was for an Apple Premium Reseller in Edinburgh and the other was for the Edinburgh Dungeons, which is like a ghost tour thing. It’s supposed to be quite good, and I have a good friend from drama who works there. (Hello, Lauren!)

Oh yes, and I had a pretty good work-out today, except I ran past the point at which I had planned to turn without noticing, so I ended up running for a quarter of an hour longer than I meant to. My knee (the one I fucked last summer) was not particularly happy about this. Hopefully, it’ll clear up by tomorrow. Whether it does or not, I’m going to try to get out on my bike for a ride tomorrow anyway. I’m very determined to get in PROPER shape this half a year, see. I’m tired of making progress for a month or two and then falling off again.

Tomorrow is the first theory lecture, and various other stuff.