Non-editing Day and Weekend

Went to uni to capture all the footage from the docu shoot last weekend. Forgot the tapes at home, had to get them again. D’OH! Because of this, we were so late to start that we hardly got anything done. We were going to bring interviews home over weekend to transcribe, but didn’t get diddly-squat.

Took out equipment to shoot some inserts of Edinburgh. The metal case for the shotgun microphone weighs 16 kgs… 3.2 kgs of which were the actual contents. It weighs more than all the other equipment (with cases!) together. I bet they’re doing this just to spite us.

Finished Resident Evil 5 in Coop with Atle in Norway. What a bland game. Tentacles and boobified women, but no tentacle porn?! What the hell is that all about?! The boobified woman even turned into a testicle monster, and there was still no sex. Would probably never have finished it if I didn’t have Atle to play with. Coop is a lot of fun!

Have decided I will hold off buying a new TV (current one is a bit small and a bit crap) until we have more money and LED-backlit TVs are cheaper. Why not just get a bigger, better regular LCD? Because LED backlit TVs have better contrast, better blacks (my TV is a definite pastel black), lower power consumption (My 26″ TV: 110 kWh. A 40″ LED TV: 80-100 kWh) and much thinner and nicer. Problem is they’re still double the price of an okay LCD screen of same size. Wait a year or so, maybe. Get job this summer, I hope.

Saturday is usually day off. Were going to film the town today, but it was raining and we don’t like to jeopardise expensive equipment we’d have to pay for, so we’re hoping for better times tomorrow.

Played more Dead Space. Still freaking me the fuck out.