A Day Off

This blog is turning out to be a lot more personal than I anticipated, though I suppose I should have expected it, considering the purpose of this “project”. Not that anyone is actually reading, but if you are and you’d rather not read stuff when I’m being personal, just ignore the posts that are marked “Journal” on the left here. Also, I try not to self-edit myself too much, but I’ll stop short of actively insulting anyone. I don’t speak or think much ill of other people anyway, so that’s not a huge issue.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on:
I couldn’t face the lecture today, so I didn’t go. Didn’t help that I was also a bit late out of bed. After some coffee, I followed Marit to the train station as she was going to St Andrews today. I brought my DSLR so I could take pictures of likely subjects. At the train station, I was happily snapping away at some pigeons bathing in a puddle when I thought “Hey wait, did I put my memory card back in?” and sure enough, I hadn’t remembered to. Yay! I had £800 ballast with me!

I was primarily out for three reasons: To get coffee at Artisan Roast, to get my Dead Space disc, and to buy some new trousers.

I went to Gap, because I’ve never been there and didn’t know what kind of stuff they had. I know American shows like to rag on it, but I found some all right stuff there. Spent some time trying to find the right pair, but it was all good. As I arrived at the counter, the guy mumbles something about VIP, discounts and spending a lot of time trying stuff on. All told, he gave me 30% off on my purchase for no proper reason (no signs or anything in the store). Liam thinks he was flirting, but I couldn’t feel a flirty vibe. Usually when boys flirt, they’re a lot more… Explicit about it. I dunno. If I did get hot-guy discounts, it’ll be the first time in my life, and I’m very flattered. If it wasn’t flirting, I’ll still assume it was, because it helps support my crumbling self-confidence. How’s THAT for living a lie?!

Dead Space box was empty. I showed the guys at HMV the box, but had no receipt. Dude ran around checking stocks against registered stock. Asked me who served me, as if I would be able to remember. A good rule about me: It’ll take me about the time I’ve known someone to forget them again. Generally. If I meet you for five minutes and then go to the toilet for a massive shit, I’ll have forgotten what you look like when I get back. I’ll have forgotten your name by the time I let go of your hand when we’re introduced. It’s a genuine problem for me, and one I’ve had since I was a kid. It’s not to do with sleeping or diet, because both those things have fluctuated throughout my life but my memory’s stayed reliably terrible.

Coffee at Artisan was good as always. Michael, the proprietor, was trying out a new brewing process which I’m very curious about. It’s similar to what they do to whiskey to avoid it going smoky when you add water, apparently, though he assured me he’d never put water in his whiskey (or whisky, or bourbon).

On my way home, I listened to my iPod for the first time in ages. the Prerecorded Friends are fucking legends. One of the best non-useful podcasts ever.

Watched Glee. It’s kind of a terrible, lazy, contrived and annoying show, but it’s also compelling. I blame the charming actors they have playing the “minor-major” characters. The character relationships are excruciating, I want to kill some of the characters for simply being annoying, and the auto-tuning (digitally correcting key in vocals. Read: T-Pain) is driving me nuts, as is the constantly hand-held camera movement, but I’m kind of enthralled all the same. I’m seriously happy they decided not to try to make their own songs. That could have proved disastrous.

Finally, Dead Space is fucking terrifying at times. I know I’m late to the party, and there is no such thing as “fashionably late” to a nerd-party, but at least I’m here now.

Things have been looking up today.
I’m curious to see what tomorrow brings.