Filming Dennis

Started the day off by watching four episodes of Armstrong and Miller while prepping the equipment for the shoot. Everything seemed to work, which means that everything was bound to go wrong during the shoot.

Amazingly, very little did. Chris was there waiting for us as we came in to film at the library, and so was Dennis. The library closed earlier than I expected, but we got some shots in. We nearly weren’t allowed to film at all, but the hot “redhead” librarian who Dennis has been working his charms on informed the older librarian that we were allowed as long as people included in shots signed releases. We stuck with Dennis.

Next was the bus. We managed to actually get usable footage in a moving bus with only some trouble, and we managed to set it up quickly enough to be able to get off at the right stop. This was my biggest worry, as it put a lot of pressure on us for time. Somehow, we managed to get it.

Then we went to Dennis’ place. Not much to say about that. Radim tends to fill whatever extra time he has with filling up the tapes, it seems. Not a bad thing in itself, but it makes it difficult to sort out the footage later. We got some nice shots.

We got home and watched through it all. Amazingly, nothing seriously wrong with anything.

After Rad left, I made pizza, drank cider with Marit, played Resident Evil 5 with my friend Atle in Norway (isn’t technology grand?!) and then watched Little Dieter Needs To Fly. Great film. Werner Herzog is amazing.

Sort of ready for tomorrow. Feel like crying, but in a good way.
Tired now. Going to bed. Good Night.