Screw This!

What a time to start writing a daily journal…

I really do feel for those of you who actually read this. As you know, I’m doing it mainly for myself, but my hope is that possibly someone else will find inspiring in some way at some point. Probably you just find it exhausting, though. And now I’ll exhaust you some more. I’ll try to condense it.

Got the photographs from subject Ramona. Need to go to Jessops to get some nice, photo-paper prints.

Waited for ages for the Steadicam Merlin Norman in my class had borrowed the day before from uni. When it came back, Nick – who’s in charge of stores – told us “The Merlin is fucked.” Norman had broken one screw and lost the other. Strangulation crossed my mind.

We brought it anyway in case we could figure it out. Merlin was integral to our film, because we’d planned our shots around it and how we would film. The Merlin allows super-smooth recording of handheld, moving shots. Without it, our film was bound to look somewhat like Peter Berg’s The Kingdom (that’s not a compliment). Norman found the screw he’d lost (which he’d claimed wasn’t in the bag when he got it… right.) and me and Radim went screw-hunting…

The body of the screw was a standard camera screw, but there’s nothing standard about that in the first place, since the thread is so coarse for the size. To top it off, the head on the original was quite small and thin, which the new screw had to be as well, since it needed to sit snug and flush in the plate for the Merlin. Asked in a bunch of hardware and ‘tronics stores. No dice. Went to Rad’s place. Googled hardware and camera stores. No one except maybe possibly Cameratiks and B&Q had anything we could use. We went for Cameratiks. On way, Rad suggested one small round trip to a local HW store… Would you believe it, they had two whole screws of exactly the right thread and size of head! We got to use their vice and hacksaw and all of a sudden we had the screw we needed.

We celebrated with Black Bottle whisky at his place before I went home for dinner. Marit (Mah-ritt, not Mareet) had made some delicious tomato soup. Nums.

Tested the camera on the Merlin. Works fine. No problem.

I also lost one assistant and found a new one. Chris from ENTV was kind enough to spend his day with us tomorrow. Relief! He also gave me the footage he had from my failed standup a couple of weeks ago. Will be put up in due time.

Oh yes, the wonderful people at Rocket Cafe instantly agreed to let us film one interview there. If you’re ever in the Morningside area of Edinburgh, go to them for the second-best coffee in town (Best being Artisan Roast, because no one beats them.) and lovely sandwiches.

That’s today! Tomorrow looks easier than it is:

  1. Prep equipment
  2. Film documentary: Day 1

I’m sure I’ll have loads to tell tomorrow.