The Day of Double Length

I was just thinking about how little I’d done, then I remembered that the lecture was today, not yesterday, so I must have done a fair amount. It’s weird when you have those days that just seem to go on and on.

I had to add a few items to my To Do list, which is very depressing, because I couldn’t get everything done, though I did work on all of it. So let’s review, shall we?

  1. Get a production assistant. – Done… probably.
  2. Write a proposal for a writing workshop. – Done.
  3. Go to the lecture I’m completely unprepared for – Done, obviously
  4. Go to meeting to decide on play for Am Dram society – Done
  5. Addition: Get permission to film at Tesco and Oddbins – Done and failed

That’s not really so bad!

Luckily, Radim managed to cajole Rebecca and Ralph from my class into helping us out on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Ralph is a definite, at least. Rebecca still hasn’t gotten back to me with final words, so I might have to get a backup.

Spent most of the day between 1.30 PM and 6 PM trying to get permission to film in various shops and buses. The dickhead branch manager at one major grocery store blankly told me no, but when I rang head office, they told me they have a whole system just for dealing for those kinds of requests. I submitted a request but kind of doubt they’ll get back to me in a single day. So that’s out then. Oddbins basically said it’d take weeks to get them to respond and Lothian Buses told me I’d have to speak to the marketing manager, Ian Cooper, but that she couldn’t give out e-mail addresses. Are you joking me?! He’s your marketing manager! Anyway… We’ll just pay the fare and start filming, fingers crossed we won’t be tossed out, but if we are, we’ll get a new one.

The drama society I’m in was having trouble with the play we wanted to put on for easter, Twelve Angry Jurors (a less sexist version of Twelve Angry Men), which we couldn’t get the rights to put on. However, there’s a loophole for adaptations, so we’ll adapt it to Edinburgh in slightly more modern times and we’re golden!

Then, just before starting this blog post, I wrote a proposal for a writing workshop that I would be holding for school kids aged 16-18 on behalf of Ren Theatre, the theatre company I’m a co-founder of which will be putting on my original play “Pieces” next year. I’ve never had a workshop like this in my life before and I still have a lot to learn myself about writing, but I think it could be a lot of fun to do this. I’ve enjoyed film editing workshops I’ve done in the past, so this could be a lot of fun!

Oh, I also diced up the pumpkin I intended to carve for Halloween. Instead of a moldy Jack-o-Lantern, I now have 3 kgs of pumpkin flesh!

Time for my list for tomorrow!

  1. Start compiling research and thinking of questions for documentary.
  2. Pick up equipment and photograph docu subject’s flat.
  3. Try yet again to get photographs off other subject.
  4. Get final word from production assistants