Wading Through A Sea Of Blood

I have an idea…

See, I was playing the God of War 3 demo for the second time today when I noticed that as he shreds his enemies to pieces and tears the eyeball out of a cyclops, the blood gushing from his victims does cake him in blood, turning him temporarily crimson red all over. The effect fades, though slowly enough that I had to pay attention to notice it.

This got me thinking. What if you made a game in the style of God of War but where the blood stays as you kill and maim your way through it? As you are covered in more and more of it, eventually completely caking you in the stuff, you start to lose visibility and even efficiency in battle. Perhaps your hands become slippery so you can’t grip your enemies, and perhaps you start to slip on very bloody or very slippery surfaces because of all the blood running down your legs.

You can stop to wipe your face and hands, but the only way to get fully rid of the blood is to find pools or streams of water to bathe in. There you can watch the blood wash off your body and turn the water red with the evidence of your murderous rampage.

There is an element of having to make strategic choices during a fight. Do you tough it out or do you stop to wipe your face, leaving you open to attack but potentially improving your fighting chance?

If we’re dealing “realistically” with the consequences of tearing monsters apart, can we take it one step further? I think we can.

In games, it has always annoyed be that you’ll be skewered and crushed and slashed, but you never seem the worse for wear at all other than lower health. Happens all the time in games like God of War, though Arkham Asylum solves it by melee attacks being more like brawls than full-on slaughtering and by guns killing the Batman pretty quickly. Most of the time, though, that’s not the case.

Let’s say your character has the ability to regrow his/her limbs in a few seconds. This means the game could be “realistically” affected by certain types of damage. You could have your arm lopped off, which severely limits your effectiveness in battle. Same with legs, etc. After or during a lull in a match, you can spend health (or some form of regeneration points) to regrow lost limbs. Again, it opens you for attack for a relatively long time, but it could be instrumental to getting through that fight.

Since I’m not a programmer, I can’t really go out and make this game myself, so I’ll just put it here on the web for someone to hopefully find it. If you do steal it, let me know and give me a free copy of your game. That’s enough to make me happy. ^_^