Batman: Arkham Asylum – The Batarang Is A Lie!

I got the Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition in the mail today. I was super-excited about it because for just 20 quid extra, I would get a bonus disc, bonus challenge maps, a booklet and a fucking full-size Batarang! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now, even making space for it in the flat so it could sit proudly on display.

And then I opened the box and saw this…

The collector's edition Batarang: A cheap plastic toy.
The collector's edition Batarang: A cheap plastic toy.

It’s a solid block of cheap, black plastic molded onto a cheap, plastic stand. Oh, but they have machined scratches! oooooh! What the hell? According to the promotional material it’s meant to “match the design” of the batarang in the game. Obviously, this is true if you look straight on at just the silhouette of this dingy plastic toy, but they didn’t bother to make it look even vaguely metallic. I hadn’t expected a fully functioning, metal batarang, but at least something more exciting-looking than this moulded plastic trash. Had it been at least painted in a metallic colour, used a thinner mould that looked vaguely sleek and maybe even had the bloody seams polished off, it would have helped.

It does come with an extra booklet and some behind the scenes stuff, so the rest of the extras are nice, though I don’t quite understand why the discs had to be in a non-standard paper box that has no space for the instruction booklet. What’s wrong with a nice, metal box like most other “special edition” PS3 games give you? Why do I have to store my manual separately from my game?! What? You couldn’t afford to give it a proper cover because you spent all the money on the massively expensive plastic toys?!

I feel cheated and pissed on, but at least the game is good.