Moon Movie Review: Magnulus Movie Minute

This film is the exact, polar opposite of Transformers: Super-low budget, ultra-high quality, top-tier acting, intelligent story and not a single explosion.

There are so many things to say about this film, but since I’ve decided to torture myself with a one-minute (kind of) format, and since I didn’t write down any NOTES about what I wanted to include, I couldn’t really fit much into it. Also, there’s only so much I can discuss it without going into specifics about the plot. I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t like Moon, and in Edinburgh, it has grown immensely popular despite being a small film with a non-existent marketing budget compared to films like Transformers.

Directed by Duncan Jones
Written by Jones & Nathan Parker
Starring: Sam Rockwell

The Director’s Site
Moon on IMDB

Ratings Explained:
Orgasmic Joy = Amazing
Two eyebrows = Great
One eyebrow = Good
Blank Stare = Nothing special
Frown = Bad
AUGH, My Eyes! = Crime against humanity