University Film: Monday to Friday

A project for university, in the module “Deconstructing Narrative”, in which we were tasked to create a short film which used a non-linear (or, more accurately; alternatively linear) structure. After some discussions within the group, I stuck myself on the idea of the letter and how you’ll read it as something in the present, but it’ll actually represents the actions and thoughts of the past. No one knows what could happen from the moment you drop your letter in that box until the moment the postman drops it off at its destination. What used to be your future is now your past, and it may be a much happier past than you envisaged, or it may be much, much darker.

It’s obviously not a perfect film. I would have loved for the main actor to be dressed a little less modernly, as she is quite an old-fashioned girl.
Ideally, we would have filmed the two interior scenes at different days so we could prepare and play off the footage of one phone conversation to the one acting in the other, that way they would have syncronised a lot better.
Issues with the camera led to us using 4:3 rather than widescreen. As it turns out, it works relatively well, but I would have liked it to have that full wide format, because we would have had more space for each shot.