Dragon Painting

Dragon painting Full
This is going back a while in my archives, but last year I was commissioned by a friend of my best friend Henrix to paint a dragon painting for him. This frightened me like a mouse would a cartoon elephant as he had never seen my dragon drawings. I’m not good at dragons. I can’t do the dynamic, powerful beasts justice by a long-shot. However, this guy was persistent, and I wanted money, so after making sure he knew just how terrible I think I am at painting dragons, I decided to give it a shot.

I painted it over summer. It was more or less impossible to get a single canvas of a proper size without paying a premium for a custom canvas, so I got three square ones and got cracking. The thing I’m most proud of is the texturing I did with the acrylic paints. The thing that makes me cringe is the wing, which looks absolutely dreadful in my eyes. I decided to hide my insecurities when I delivered it, though, because he seemed happy and, again: I wanted money.
Dragon painting Detail

PS: Update on the topic of previous post, if you care: I’m doing better now. I’ve spoken with Marit about it and also my Personal Development Tutor at Napier, and I have a couple of choices for how to proceed. Now, all I need is to figure out which of those choices is the best one for me.