Tattoo for Basco

Basco Tattoo 1
As some of you know, the furriest member of my family died in february of 2007. Ever since, I’ve wanted to commemorate the life of my little big brother in one of the most significant ways I can think of: By grafting his image to my body for the rest of my life. Obviously, I’m not going to get a tattooist to sit there and copy a photograph onto my back, so I made this design. It is based on an image of Basco that is already grafted into my mind.

Basco PlaqueI took a photograph of him while he was still young, probably around ’98. We were in the car and on the way to the family cabin and I snapped a picture of him sitting upright with his head tucked low and his fluffy chest sticking out. In ’99, I commited that image to two water colour paintings. When we were at the cabin last summer, I carved my first ever picture in wood, and it was that image I used. That now hangs at the cabin right by where we buried his ashes, by the mouse hole he spent half his summers there staking out.

It all comes full circle. I will probably work on this a little more, but I’ve already done quite a bit of revising on it and don’t want to over-edit. Not sure, still, where I want it, but I’ll probably end up adding him to my right-arm collection. We’ll see.

So that’s my tattoo dedicated to my little big brother (since he was older than me in dog years, silly.) I’m also planning on getting one dedicated to my parents, though I kind of suspect they wouldn’t even think it’s cute. They think I have too many tattoos as it is.