A Little Update

Hey there!

A month and a week ago now I left Edinburgh to do four shows at the Butlins holiday resort in Minehead: Lazytown Live, Brainiac Live, Looneytunes and the Aladdin panto. Since then, we’ve rehearsed and opened the former two, and the latter two are coming up in the next month. Both Brainiac and Lazytown have been amazing experiences, with dedicated crews and casts and amazing response from the audience. Everyone’s been very complimentary about my work, especially as Robbie Rotten in Lazytown, so I suppose I’m doing something right. It boggles my mind a tad, though, as I’m the only one who doesn’t have to learn a single proper dance routine. All I do is character. Charlotte, who plays Stephanie in Lazytown, has particularly impressed me throughout. Also: Paul, our Sportacus, has helped me with cartwheels and handstands and is an all-round lovely guy and (as I recently discovered from his underwear) a massive Star Wars geek. Score!

I find myself missing the cast of the Brainiac shows in the other resorts since rehearsals. We had a great time and they’re all really lovely people.

ALSO since then, my iPhone has been stolen, meaning that my online video recording device is gone. It’s been two weeks since that happened, and due to various circumstances I really can’t be arsed to share it’s going to be another week or two until I have a new phone and will be able to make videos again. On the plus side: We decided to order the new and updated Macbook Pro at the same time!

I’m missing Marit so much these days. I can’t wait for April to roll around and I can go back to Edinburgh for ten days.

Once I have a phone and I have the time to make a video, I’ll get back on the Youtubes. ’till next time: Spread the peace and the love!