A Trustworthy Face?

Day started well enough as we looked out our window to see the season’s first frost-laden grass. I took a picture of it, look!

Marit helped me to carry the equipment back to university, me taking the heavy stuff, obviously. Once wegot to uni, she went off to get Dragon Age and I stayed behind. I edited the sound project for a few hours before I got unexplicably tired and heavy-headed and decided to give up. I tried calling Marit way too many times. I wanted to meet her in town and maybe get a coffee, but her phone was at home. She’s not that easy to get hold of, even for myself.

Saw Die Hard on Blu-Ray. Was good.

Went to town to look for some new trousers for me, but Marit wanted to finish the installation of Dragon Age first, so we ended up being too late to really get a good look anywhere. In one fitting room, I looked myself in the mirror and thought “I wouldn’t trust that man if he came into my store”. I had red rings around my eyes and I looked pale and drawn.

HMV was the only shop open in St James when we arrived there, so Marit insisted we get something to cheer me up. (I was feeling increasingly pissy and exhausted) We got Dead Space and Fifa Street 3 on sale. Wasn’t in the mood for horror gaming when we got back, so I tried Fifa Street, which was a lot of fun. It reminded me a bit of the Quidditch game for PS2, where it’s all about the tricks and flourishes.

I still feel like shit, though…


  1. Go to class
  2. Uh… Some… Stuff. Who knows?