Procrastination, Sound and Lack of Manpower

After procrastinating and then writing my previous post, I went to do some editing on the sound project we have at university. I didn’t actually end up doing any real editing, just organising the project to make the process easier for me later on. The project is to rebuild all the sound in a scene from the movie The Descent (2005) with sound we’ve recorded and put together ourselves. Fascinating and challenging work. I love it.

After that… I watched James May’s Toy Stories and an episode of BBC’s Life series, which has inhumanly amazing photographers. I honestly don’t know how they do it.

Having some trouble getting the manpower we need for the documentary project. I need at least one – preferably two – more people to help me and Radim carry around shit and record the sound, since Norman seems to be unreachable. I tried calling my buddy Andy, but he’s going to Perth to celebrate his brother’s birthday! Pah!

We’ll fix this, though. I’m sure we will. *ahem*

Oh, and George wants me to do a writing workshop for 16-18 year-olds. Terrifying, as I hardly feel qualified, but I think I might be able to crack on with something.

Tomorrow I have to:

  1. Get a production assistant.
  2. Write a proposal for a writing workshop.
  3. Do some more sound editing? Possibly?
  4. Go to the lecture I’m completely unprepared for
  5. Go to meeting to decide on play for Am Dram society
  6. Addition: Get the photographs from documentary subject
  7. Addition: Get permission to film at Tesco and Oddbins

Wish me luck!